Full set included
Cooling effect
5 energy levels
2 operating modes
Visible results in 8-12 weeks
For most body parts
Stylish, handheld design
Easy to use

Main features

In all the features, Innza IPL hair remover is truly a brilliant device, only ranking second due to its price. It’s still one of the most affordable options in the market today, but it’s pricier than LumixRay. Innza, just like our top pick, comes with a complete set of accessories – glasses to block the light, a shaver, and a charging plug. It also has three lamp caps for specific areas in your body. The largest for legs, arms, and back. The medium for armpits and bikini zone. And smallest for the upper lip and chin. There are also 5 energy levels and two modes – automatic (for arms, legs, and back) and manual (for smaller areas, such as armpits and upper lip). Just like the majority of IPL devices, this one is not suitable for people with golden, red, or silver hair or darker skin color.

Ease of use

Innza IPL device has a pretty standard operation. First, you would need to shave the area that you want to epilate. This would allow the photons to directly target the hair follicle and help avoid additional pressure on the skin, as well as achieve faster results. Then, depending on the body area, you would need to attach one of the lids, select the mode, and the energy level. It’s always recommended to start at Level 1 and then gradually increase it. The cooling effect should ensure that you won’t feel any discomfort.

For the first 8 weeks (or less if you’re satisfied with the results), you should use it 2 to 3 times a week. After that, you should use it every week. After about 12 weeks, if used according to the instructions, you should already notice a significant improvement and might not need to use the device again unless some hair will find a way to grow back (or a new hair forms in previously empty follicles).

🪞 Value

If LumixRay didn’t exist, we could honestly state that Innza is the best. In terms of price, it’s nowhere near as expensive as other IPL devices, and you do get a fair number of accessories and features. The results are pretty fast, the cooling effect is a pleasant bonus, and the design is very stylish. So, if LumixRay wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can pay extra, get Innza hair remover, and be completely happy with your choice.