OLED screen
Skin tone detection
Results in 8 weeks
For most body parts

Main features

Last but not least on our list is Cosbeauty. It’s a great device, but it does have quite a limited use. For example, if most IPL devices would accept light brown skin tones, Cosbeauty does not, with the darkest possible shade of skin being beige. But on the plus side, unlike most IPL devices, this one does accept red hair, albeit darker. There are three heads included in the set: for the body, the bikini line, and for the face. Another great feature is skin tone recognition. It will flash green if your skin tone is suitable for the procedure.

Ease of use

Using Cosbeauty is no more difficult than any other IPL device. You’ll need to shave the hair off the area, connect the power cord to the device, choose the preferred energy level (starting with the lowest and then adjusting to comfort), hold the device at 90-degrees against the skin, and then moisturize once it’s done. According to Cosbeauty, it takes half a minute to do the upper lip, a minute to do bikini line, face, and armpits, three minutes to do arms, and four minutes to do legs, though this time can certainly vary. They also say that it should take 8 weeks to see the permanent results.

🪞 Value

Cosbeauty offers very similar features to other devices on our list, but it’s much more expensive. And while it is one of the rare IPL hair removers that work on red hair, it has a more limited skin tone range. So while, in general, it might be better than most IPL devices in the market, compared to others on our list it still couldn’t rank higher.