Painless effect
Full results in 6 months
5 energy levels and 2 modes
Skin detection
For most body parts

Main features

Another great device on our list is called Auratrio. It is more expensive than the first two devices, but it still has features that impressed us, so it ranked third on our list. Auratrio’s set includes a cleaning cloth, protective goggles (though they are a bit small, similar to the tanning salon ones), and two light lids – one for hair removal and another for skincare. Indeed, Auratrio is a 2-in-1 device, as it not only functions as an IPL device but also has an infrared skin rejuvenation function. Infrared radiation can help improve skin texture, so you can immediately go from treatment to recovery.

Ease of use

Just like Innza hair remover, this one also has 5 energy levels, which depend on your experience, personal feel, hair color, and skin tone. There are also two flash modes, one automatic for larger surface areas, like legs, and one manual, for sensitive or smaller areas, like armpits or face. According to Auratrio, after six months of regular use, there should be no more hair left in the follicles, meaning that there is no chance they would grow back. Though the desired result might appear as early as 8 weeks of use, only after half a year would the results be permanent.

To perform the procedure, first, make sure that the hair in the area is shaved. Then, attach the IPL lid to the device (the green/yellow color one). Then you can either have it done automatically, where once in a while it would flash, or press the button manually. Intense light will produce heat that will target darker areas in your skin (your hair follicles) and then thin, and eventually completely eliminate, the hair roots. Thus, it won’t work on people with dark skin tone or light hair.

🪞 Value

This IPL device by Auratrio is not the cheapest on our list, but it makes up for it with its 2-in-1 function. While, technically, it offers results relatively quickly, you would need to wait a bit longer for permanent results, which is perfectly normal for a device of its kind. If based on what it offers, this IPL hair remover is certainly not worse than those that ranked higher, but it does have relatively small protective glasses, and it does cost a bit more. Thus, it had to take the honorable third place.