Painless to use
Durable and effective
2 flash modes
Compact design
Results in 8 weeks
Includes a full set

Main features

This next device by Aminzer might not be the cheapest on our list, but it still has multiple features that are worth your consideration. For starters, it has not the usual five but nine energy levels, though the strongest ones might be a bit too intense. It also has three settings: one for regular hair removal, one for skin rejuvenation (though, not sure in what ways it works), and one targeted at acne. Because it doesn’t come with any extra attachments, it’s perhaps safe to say that it achieves rejuvenation and acne treatment by using the same IPL technology, just in a different way. If you were to purchase Aminzer hair remover, it would also come with protective glasses (resembling regular sunglasses) and a shaver.

Ease of use

The use is pretty standard, as with all IPL hair removers. First, you’ll need to shave the hair from the area that you will epilate. Then, connect the device to the power source and wear protective glasses. After that, set an appropriate energy level. It’s best to go with one of the lowest, especially if you haven’t used it before, and then work your way up. It should feel warm or mildly hot but definitely not painful. If it’s feeling too hot or hurts your skin, set a lower level. Then you’ll need to place a device so that the flasher is pointing at your skin at a 90-degrees angle. Aminzer will then automatically flash, or you can manually control it yourself, depending on the body area. Gradually move it along your skin and then moisturize once the session is done.

🪞 Value

Overall, Aminzer is a good device. It just couldn’t keep up with other entries on this list. But if others weren’t quite your cup of tea, you won’t regret getting Aminzer either. It’s still one of the most affordable and high-quality IPL devices on the market today, just not the best on our list. We were impressed by its versatility, but you should only explore its other features (skin rejuvenation and acne treatment) at your own risk.